BerryClip Add-on Boards

This unofficial site is devoted to the Raspberry Pi credit card sized computer offering tutorials, guides, resources,scripts and downloads. We hope to help everyone get the most out of their Pi by providing clear, simple articles on configuring, programming and operating it.

You will also find information about the BerryClip addon boards, the easiest, cheapest way to start experimenting with hardware and software.

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Using A Joystick On The Raspberry Pi Using An MCP3008

Analogue Joystick

While browsing eBay looking at electronics stuff I found a few interesting items to connect to the Pi. The first item was a small 2-axis analogue joystick. They are similar to the thumb-sticks you would find on a modern games console controller. These modules are cheap and easy to connect to a circuit so I decided to get one. The outputs are analogue so you need a mechanism for the Pi to read these voltages.

In this post I’ll show how you can you use this device with the Pi. Once working this could be used as an input device for all sorts of projects. Perhaps a Python game written using the Pygame module?

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Lumsing 11000mAh Li-on Battery Power Bank Test

Lumsing 11000mAh Power Bank

Over the last two years I’ve acquired a set of portable USB power banks. These are great for powering the Pi and the larger ones can keep a Pi running for many hours. In previous posts I’ve tested standard AA batteries,  a generic Li-on Power Pack and a RAVPower 10400mAH Power Bank.

Now it’s the turn of the Lumsing 11000mAH power bank. This device is slightly unusal in that it has 5 USB outputs. Yes five. This gives you the chance to run 5 devices from it. In a future post I’ll see what I can run off it but for this test I’ll just be using a single 1A rated port.

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How To Change The Command Line Font Size

Changing Raspbian Font Size

If you are using your Raspberry Pi with a smaller screen you may want to change the font used on the command line to make it easier to read. I usually do this when I am using various portable LCD screens (eg the HDMIPi).

It only changes the font within the console if you are using a screen connected directly to the Pi. It won’t affect Putty/SSH sessions.

Changing the font size on the console is easy to do and there are two methods you can choose.

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BerryClip Assembly Articles, Videos and Reviews

BerryClip Plus

This page aims to collate a set of videos and website articles created by other people showing BerryClip and BerryClip+ related assembly guides, reviews or projects. Hopefully this will make it nice and clear for Pi fans who are little bit nervous about soldering or are just curious as to what the kit looks like in reality.

There is nothing like seeing other peoples’ thoughts on a product before buying one yourself so hopefully these are useful.

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HDMIPi Raspberry Pi HD LCD Screen (Beta)

HDMIPi Screen (Beta)

Alex Eames from RasPi.tv very kindly gave me a beta version of the HDMIPi screen for the Raspberry Pi along with some stickers*. This was a project funded via a successful Kickstarter campaign which aimed to raise £55,000. In the end it raised £261,250. Which was nice!

Small HDMI screens are expensive. Native HD ones are astronomical. We want to drive the price down “Raspberry Pi” style.

I backed the project when it started as I wanted a portable screen and I knew I could trust Alex and the Cyntech team to deliver. It was a very nice surprise to get my hands on the screen so I could start to have a play.

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Celebrating The New RaspberryPi.org Website Design

Raspberry Pi Aprils Fool Site Design

For a number of months the Raspberry Pi Foundation has been planning a website re-design. They have also been putting together an education hub that would make lots of learning resources available to teachers, parents, kids and hobbyists.

On 1st April the www.raspberrypi.org site got a facelift. It wasn’t what most people where expecting. For some the black background and lime green text was too much. For others it was a chance to relive the 1990′s.

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DigiMakers Bristol – 22nd March 2014

Digimakers March 2014

We attended another excellent Digi Makers event held at the @Bristol centre. It’s always nice to wander around and look at the various activities but I also signed up my son for a couple of the workshops. They suggested using SD cards loaded with NOOBs but being a rebel desperate to fight the system I went for raw Raspbian images.

My son and his friend were booked on the “Sonic Pi” and “Cartoons With Scratch” workshops. At five and six years old they were at the lower end of the age range but I figured with suitable adult supervision we could keep them on track. Keeping my son’s attention for one hour is a near impossible task so I took some sweets to use as bribes just in case.

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Creating A Custom Cyntech Pi Case Tripod Mount

RPiSpy Video Capture Unit

While working on a Raspberry Pi camera project I wanted to mount the Pi and camera on a standard tripod. I’ve got a few tripods and I was getting fed up with trying to mount the camera using sellotape, blu-tack and luck.

So I decided to mount the camera within a standard Cyntech Raspberry Pi case and then somehow make the case compatible with my tripod mounts.

Using the information on this tripod mount page I bought some 1/4 inch UNC stainless steel nuts. These have the same thread as the mount point on your digital camera or camcorder. Initially I was going to glue one to a Cyntech case but I was worried about how robust this was going to be with general use.

Then I had a cunning plan - cunning as a fox who’s just been appointed Professor of Cunning at Oxford University.

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Happy Birthday! The Raspberry Pi Is Two Years Old!

Happy Birthday!

The Raspberry Pi is two years old. The credit card computer was described by some as “vapourware” but has now sold more than 2 million units worldwide. That’s a product demand that would have helped prop up Nintendo’s stock price in recent months!

Before the initial launch i decide to create a blog and be there “at the beginning” of something I suspected was going to be fun. I’m glad I did as it has now served over 2,200,000 pages to 780,000 visitors from almost every country in the World.

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Cambridge Raspberry Jam – February 2014

CamJam February 2014

It was a wet and windy journey but we made it to Cambridge in good time ready for the CamJam. I drove with Graham (raspberrypischool.org) and Harry (pibot.org) as passengers.

Unlike our last trip to Cambridge we decided to not bring any show and tell items so we could spend more time looking around and talking to people. We arrived just after the morning workshops were ending and it was good to see so many kids at the venue. To read about the morning Sonic Pi workshops take a look at claremacrae.co.uk.

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