Matts Raspberry Pi Photos

Here are some initial photos of my two Raspberry Pi Model B’s.¬†One from RS and the other from Farnell Element 14.

They are named “Tango” & “Cash” and have matching SanDisk Ultra 8GB Class 6 SD cards. At the moment they prefer Debian Squeeze but who knows what the future may hold?

At some point I will create some cases either from cardboard or LEGO if I can sneak some out of my son’s collection.

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One Response to Matts Raspberry Pi Photos

  1. Chris Pruski says:

    I am waiting for my other Pi from RS and like you will have two too..ho ho. I have mine in a transparent round case from the local delicatesen!!!!
    Unfortunately i am having trouble getting sound out of it and have tried all the commands here and in MagPi.
    I am a bit frustratd with it at present ;-(

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