My Raspberry Pi LEGO Case

In order to make my Raspberry a bit easier to handle and give it a bit of weight I decided to make a temporary case. It needed to be complete in five minutes, cost nothing and allow for a certain amount of redesign.

Which left only one solution : LEGO.

Here are some photos of my Raspberry Pi LEGO case. Due to the ever present threat of global terrorism a security patrol formed a ring of steel during construction.

You will notice the scuffs and scratches on the bricks. That’s because they are from the 1980’s and straight from my mum’s loft.

I’m sure at some point I will buy one of the many cases that will be available in time but for now I can plug and unplug cables without handling the board itself or any of its components.

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One Response to My Raspberry Pi LEGO Case

  1. I still reckon that LEGO is the way to go for a no-cost case. The trouble with the paper/card ones is that… well… paper and card kinda burns. LEGO doesn’t all that easily!

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