Raspberry Pi Mounting Hole Positions and Template

One of the improvements made to the Revision 2 board was the addition of two mounting holes. These give hobbyists some extra options when it comes to mounting the Pi. There are only two holes so care is still required to avoid putting the PCB under unnecessary stress but some holes is better than none.

The holes are 2.9mm and have been designed to accept 2.5mm (M2.5) screws or bolts. My local DIY store didn’t sell bolts this small so I ordered some off the internet.

Here is a template which can be printed out and used in custom enclosures :

Raspberry Pi Mounting Hole Template

Raspberry Pi Mounting Hole Template

If you print the above image make sure it is sized to print as a 85x56mm rectangle.

Here is a PDF with 3 templates on one A4 sheet : Raspberry Pi Mounting Hole Template

Note: The position and size of the PCB components is very approximate. I added them to make it easier to see which way round the board should go.

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7 Responses to Raspberry Pi Mounting Hole Positions and Template

  1. Ward Mundy says:

    We had no trouble finding suitable mounting screws at Ace Hardware in the U.S. See this week’s Nerd Vittles article in which a Raspberry Pi is mounted inside the desktop stand of Grandstream’s new GXP2200 IP phone.

  2. Gary Stewart says:

    Nylon 4-40 machine screws work. Its a bit of a tight fit but not too tight.

  3. Cliff says:

    This is a useful template but a full mech drawing would be more useful. For instance I need to know the coordinates of pin 1 of the GPIO connector.


  4. Berq says:

    Why the password on the PDF? The lines are so light, they weren’t showing up when output by my laser printer. I wanted to darken/thicken them in Adobe Illustrator, but it seems that kind of access is restricted.

  5. RP Sky says:

    If you move the tip of a screw driver around a few times inside the mounting holes, you’ll be able to use standard 3M screws.

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