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Raspberry Pi LogoUltrasonic Distance Measurement Using Python – Part 2

Following on from my Ultrasonic Distance Measurement Using Python – Part 1 article I decided to make my Python script a little bit more sophisticated. In this example the script takes three measurements and calculates the average. This is displayed … Continue reading

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Raspberry Pi LogoGertboard – The Ultimate Raspberry Pi Add-on Board

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The Gertboard is an add-on board designed by Gert van Loo who is also one of the hardware engineers involved in the original design of the Raspberry Pi. The board was originally sold by Farnell/Element14 in kit form but has … Continue reading

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Raspberry Pi LogoCheap PIR Sensors and the Raspberry Pi – Part 1

A great little sensor you can add to your Raspberry Pi projects is a PIR module. These 5V “Passive Infra Red” sensors are available for a few pounds from eBay. They can be powered from 5V and output 3V so … Continue reading

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Raspberry Pi LogoTop 8 Free Windows Tools for Raspberry Pi Development

This is a list of the free tools and utilities I use on a regular basis when messing around with Raspberry Pi development. They are quite specific to the type of projects I am working on but I thought people … Continue reading

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Raspberry Pi LogoCreate Raspberry Pi SD Cards Using Fedora ARM Installer

It’s possible to buy preloaded SD cards to use with your Raspberry Pi but at some point you will need to learn to create your own. This will allow to update your system for free or allow you to create … Continue reading

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Raspberry Pi LogoMatrix Pi – Running CMatrix on the Raspberry Pi

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Ignoring the fact that they made the mistake of turning a two film story into three films, The Matrix is cool. Regardless of what my wife says. So I decided it was vital that I get the Matrix text “rain” … Continue reading

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