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Raspberry Pi LogoPi-Lite LED Matrix Board Python ‘Hello World’ Example

If you’ve followed the previous Pi-Lite setup article you should have a working Pi-Lite. The example Python scripts are great but I wanted to show a simple example of my own demonstrating the basics of sending scrolling text to the … Continue reading

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Raspberry Pi LogoHow To Setup The Pi-Lite LED Matrix Board

I recently purchased a Pi-Lite at the Cambridge Raspberry Pi Jam.This is a 14×9 matrix of red LEDs mounted on a PCB that can be attached to the Pi and controlled via the GPIO header. The 126 LEDs can be … Continue reading

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Raspberry Pi LogoCambridge Raspberry Jam – September 2013

Yesterday I went to the Raspberry Jam in Cambridge. This was 170 miles from my home but I thought it would be nice to visit the birthplace of the Raspberry Pi and meet some of the Pi enthusiasts who I … Continue reading

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Raspberry Pi LogoPiPan Pan And Tilt Mechanism For Raspberry Pi Camera

The OpenElectrons “PiPan” is a pan and tilt mechanism for the Raspberry Pi Camera Module. I’ve used the Pi camera in a few projects but this is the first bit of commercial Pi camera hardware I’ve had the chance to … Continue reading

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Raspberry Pi LogoHow To Connect The Perixx Bluetooth Keyboard To The Raspberry Pi

I’ve recently got hold of a Perixx 804 Bluetooth keyboard which I plan to use with my tablet for typing and future Raspberry Pi projects. I chose the Perixx 804 as it uses a UK keyboard layout. The black version … Continue reading

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