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How To Use Gnuplot To Graph Data On The Raspberry Pi

I was recently testing a sensor which needed calibrating. This involved plotting some data and making some adjustments based on the resulting graph. As a Windows user this is a task I would normally perform in Microsoft Excel or LibreOffice … Continue reading

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Using A Joystick On The Raspberry Pi Using An MCP3008

While browsing eBay looking at electronics stuff I found a few interesting items to connect to the Pi. The first item was a small 2-axis analogue joystick. They are similar to the thumb-sticks you would find on a modern games console … Continue reading

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Lumsing 11000mAh Li-on Battery Power Bank Test

Over the last two years I’ve acquired a set of portable USB power banks. These are great for powering the Pi and the larger ones can keep a Pi running for many hours. In previous posts I’ve tested standard AA … Continue reading

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How To Change The Command Line Font Size

If you are using your Raspberry Pi with a smaller screen you may want to change the font used on the command line to make it easier to read. I usually do this when I am using various portable LCD … Continue reading

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BerryClip Assembly Articles, Videos and Reviews

This page aims to collate a set of videos and website articles created by other people showing BerryClip and BerryClip+ related assembly guides, reviews or projects. Hopefully this will make it nice and clear for Pi fans who are little … Continue reading

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HDMIPi Raspberry Pi HD LCD Screen (Beta)

Alex Eames from very kindly gave me a beta version of the HDMIPi screen for the Raspberry Pi along with some stickers*. This was a project funded via a successful Kickstarter campaign which aimed to raise £55,000. In the end … Continue reading

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Celebrating The New Website Design

For a number of months the Raspberry Pi Foundation has been planning a website re-design. They have also been putting together an education hub that would make lots of learning resources available to teachers, parents, kids and hobbyists. On 1st … Continue reading

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DigiMakers Bristol – 22nd March 2014

We attended another excellent Digi Makers event held at the @Bristol centre. It’s always nice to wander around and look at the various activities but I also signed up my son for a couple of the workshops. They suggested using SD … Continue reading

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Creating A Custom Cyntech Pi Case Tripod Mount

While working on a Raspberry Pi camera project I wanted to mount the Pi and camera on a standard tripod. I’ve got a few tripods and I was getting fed up with trying to mount the camera using sellotape, blu-tack … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday! The Raspberry Pi Is Two Years Old!

The Raspberry Pi is two years old. The credit card computer was described by some as “vapourware” but has now sold more than 2 million units worldwide. That’s a product demand that would have helped prop up Nintendo’s stock price … Continue reading

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