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Raspberry Pi LogoTop 5 Reasons The Raspberry Pi Sucks

OK so people keep waffling on about the Raspberry Pi. They say it’s sold 4 million units, is being used to teach real kids in real classrooms, has a load of free resources and a World wide fan base but … Continue reading

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Raspberry Pi LogoHow To Display Images On Raspbian Command Line

If you are using your Pi to capture images using the camera it can be useful to display those images without launching a desktop environment. One of the ways of doing this is to use a utility called “fim”.

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Raspberry Pi LogoInfographic – The Tiny Computer That Could

This is a great Raspberry Pi infographic as it not only tells you about the Pi and what it can do but it also advises you about things the Pi can’t do. One of which is run Windows 8. I … Continue reading

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Raspberry Pi LogoInfographic – Raspberry Pi How To Get Started

This nfographic by provides a gentle introduction to the Raspberry Pi to a beginner. It also includes some suggested links to tutorials and projects to get you started.

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Raspberry Pi Logo32×32 RGB LED Matrix On The Raspberry Pi

At the last Cambridge Jam I picked up a 32×32 LED matrix panel from SK Pang. This consists of 1024 RGB leds and is used as a building block for those large displays you see in stadiums. I could only … Continue reading

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Raspberry Pi LogoCambridge Raspberry Jam – September 2014

It’s the afternoon after the Jam before so I thought I would do a quick write-up of the 8th CamJam held on September 6th at the Institute of Astronomy (IoA). Due to the number of talks and workshops the start time was … Continue reading

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Raspberry Pi LogoHow To Create A Pyramid In Minecraft With Python

The great thing about Minecraft on the Raspberry Pi is that you write Python scripts to manipulate the game world. This opens up a lot of creative possibilities. It can also make Python a lot more appealing to budding programmers. … Continue reading

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Raspberry Pi LogoRaspberry Pi Minecraft Block ID Number Reference

When you’ve installed Minecraft on the Raspberry Pi and setup the Python API you will want to get creating scripts to manipulate the Minecraft World. This is going to involve a lot of block manipulation. Each type of block (sand, dirt, … Continue reading

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Raspberry Pi LogoHow To Reset A Forgotten Raspberry Pi Password

I’ve got a Raspberry Pi running in my garage as part of a security system. It’s been running for so many months that I forgot the password so I was unable to access it via SSH. Luckily there is was … Continue reading

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Raspberry Pi LogoInfographic – Raspberry Pi Does It Need Securing

This infographic from TrendLabs attempts to illustrate some security issues you need to be aware of when connecting your Pi to the internet. It asks “Do you really need to secure something this small”. It’s slightly vague but the three … Continue reading

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