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Operation Counterstrike – A Minecraft Game For The Pi

After my “Building A Castle In Minecraft With Python” article I wanted to create a Minecraft game that was a bit more interactive. The “find a diamond” type game had already been done so I decided to do a slightly … Continue reading

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Building A Castle In Minecraft With Python

Once I had Minecraft setup on my Pi and had figured out how to use the Python API I wanted a little project to try it out. So I decided to create a script that would automatically create a castle … Continue reading

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How to Setup the Minecraft Python API on a Raspberry Pi

The great thing about the Raspberry Pi Edition of Minecraft is that you can manipulate the game world using Python scripts. You can move the player as well as create and destroy blocks. This allows you to create structures in … Continue reading

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How To Capture Minecraft Screenshots On The Raspberry Pi

In a previous post I told you how you could capture screenshots on the Raspberry Pi using “scrot”. That method worked fine for most applications but like many screen capture techniques resulted in a black rectangle when used with Minecraft. … Continue reading

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How To Use Gnuplot To Graph Data On The Raspberry Pi

I was recently testing a sensor which needed calibrating. This involved plotting some data and making some adjustments based on the resulting graph. As a Windows user this is a task I would normally perform in Microsoft Excel or LibreOffice … Continue reading

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Berry Bookies – A Horse Racing Game For The BerryClip

Jim Flewker, a retired languages teacher, has written a horse racing game in Python for use with the BerryClip addon board. In the game you select one of six horses using the BerryClip button and then wait for the result of … Continue reading

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Quick Guide To nano Text Editor On The Raspberry Pi

If I need to edit text files directly on my Raspberry Pi my text editor of choice is nano. There are other text editors available but I prefer nano’s relatively straightforward interface. As a command line based utility it may … Continue reading

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How To Setup Minecraft On The Raspberry Pi

Until recently I had never played Minecraft but it’s popularity meant it was something I felt I had to try. I installed the free pocket edition on my Nexus 7 to try it out and as a result decided to … Continue reading

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Playing Videos On the Raspberry Pi Command Line

If you need to play video files and you don’t want to install a full media solution such as XBMC then you can play them directly from the command line using Omxplayer. This is a media player created by Edgar … Continue reading

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How To Setup A Web Server On Your Raspberry Pi

This page aims to summarise the steps required to install a webserver with PHP support onto your Raspberry Pi. This will allow the Pi to server HTML and PHP pages to users on the same network. This is a useful … Continue reading

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