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How To Change The Command Line Font Size

If you are using your Raspberry Pi with a smaller screen you may want to change the font used on the command line to make it easier to read. I usually do this when I am using various portable LCD … Continue reading

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Holux Bluetooth GPS Module And The Raspberry Pi

Back in the old days I had an Acer N50 Premium PDA. For the youngsters out there it was like a Smart Phone but without the phone bit, the capacitive touch-screen, memory, apps, GPS or battery life. I mainly used … Continue reading

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Free Your Raspberry Pi Serial Port

By default Raspbian configures the Raspberry Pi serial port (GPIO14-GPIO15) to provide boot-up information. It also allows you to login via a connected device. If you need to use the Pi’s serial port for something else (i.e. a specific add-on … Continue reading

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Quick Guide To nano Text Editor On The Raspberry Pi

If I need to edit text files directly on my Raspberry Pi my text editor of choice is nano. There are other text editors available but I prefer nano’s relatively straightforward interface. As a command line based utility it may … Continue reading

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Analogue Sensors On The Raspberry Pi Using An MCP3008

The Raspberry Pi has no built in analogue inputs which means it is a bit of a pain to use many of the available sensors. I wanted to update my garage security system with the ability to use more sensors … Continue reading

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Happy Halloween With A Raspberry Pi And Pi-Lite

It’s that time of year when mad inventors start creating Halloween themed electronics projects. I’ve never managed to be organised to do a seasonal project but this year I decided to give it a try. So this year I decided … Continue reading

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Pi-Lite LED Matrix Board Custom Sprites Example

In my previous post about the Pi-Lite I explained how to set it up and how you could display scrolling text in Python. In this post I will explain how to create custom 14×9 pictures and then send them to … Continue reading

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How To Take Screenshots On The Raspberry Pi

While putting together some future articles I wanted to take some screen shots within LXDE, the Pi’s default graphical interface. I considered taking them on my PC using a remote desktop connection to the Pi but I thought it might … Continue reading

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How To Setup Minecraft On The Raspberry Pi

Until recently I had never played Minecraft but it’s popularity meant it was something I felt I had to try. I installed the free pocket edition on my Nexus 7 to try it out and as a result decided to … Continue reading

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Pi-Lite LED Matrix Board Python ‘Hello World’ Example

If you’ve followed the previous Pi-Lite setup article you should have a working Pi-Lite. The example Python scripts are great but I wanted to show a simple example of my own demonstrating the basics of sending scrolling text to the … Continue reading

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