Raspberry Pi LogoHappy Birthday! The Raspberry Pi Is Three Years Old!

Happy Birthday!

The Raspberry Pi is three years old this weekend and has sold over 5 million units making it the most popular British computer ever made. Sales figures are great but what matters is the user base, community and support. Thankfully that has continued to grow steam-rollering many would-be “Pi killers”. The volume of material available for the Pi is staggering and it’s growing every day.

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Raspberry Pi LogoPipsta – The Raspberry Pi Printer With Big Ideas

Pipsta printer for Raspberry Pi

Just before Christmas I was lucky enough to receive one of the first Pipsta printers. The thermal printer is described by its makers as “a smart little printer that’s full of big ideas” and it gives your Pi the ability to print onto rolls of thermal paper.

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Raspberry Pi LogoPi GPIO Hardware Interfaces Update Feb 2015

1-wire, i2c and SPI testing

The Pi has always supported 1-wire, I2C and SPI interfaces via the GPIO header. These allow various devices to be connected to the Pi and controlled via software. In the recent update to Raspbian some major changes were introduced which changed the way these interfaces are enabled.

The exact details of the change are discussed in the “I2C, SPI, I2S, LIRC, PPS, stopped working? Read this.” forum post over at the official site.

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Raspberry Pi LogoHow To Autorun A Python Script On Raspberry Pi Boot

Raspberry Pi Spy WordPress Banner - Code

There are lots of techniques for running a script when the Pi boots and which one you choose will depend on exactly what the script does and what you expect. In this post I’ll explain a technique where the Pi automatically logins as the Pi user and immediately executes a Python script.

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Raspberry Pi LogoIntroducing The Raspberry Pi 2 Model B

Raspberry Pi 2 Model B

Today saw the release of a new faster Raspberry Pi. This time it’s the Raspberry Pi 2 Model B. It now replaces the Model B+ that was released in February 2014 as the front-line model for the Raspberry Pi Foundation.

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Raspberry Pi LogoIntroducing The Gert VGA 666 Adapter For Raspberry Pi

VGA 666 GPIO Adapter

One of the questions asked since the beginning of time is ‘why didn’t the Raspberry Pi have a VGA output?’. There were various reasons a few being board space and cost. The Broadcom chip at the heart of the Pi does have the ability to generate a VGA output but it wasn’t possible to implement on a Model A or Model B due to the GPIO header configuration.

With the release of the Model B+ and A+ it is now possible to take advantage of this feature.

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Raspberry Pi LogoRaspberry Pi Spy Top 10 Posts of 2014

Raspberry Pi Spy WordPress Banner

Now that the Christmas decorations are back in the attic, and I’m looking at what Pi projects to tackle in 2015, I thought I’d take a look at my web stats.

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Raspberry Pi LogoRaspberry GPIO Xmas Tree Add-on

GPIO Christmas Tree

Andrew Gale from PocketMoneyTronics.co.uk kindly sent me a GPIO Xmas Tree kit. Today I soldered it up with my son so we could get it set up for Christmas. The plan was to attach it to a Model A+ and power it with a USB battery pack.

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Raspberry Pi LogoPi Wars – Saturday 6th December 2014

Pi Wars Logo

Saturday 6th December 2014 saw the first “Pi Wars” hosted as part of the Cambridge Jam. This is a hugely popular event held at the Institute of Astronomy, Cambridge.

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Raspberry Pi LogoLumsing “Harmonica” 10400mAh Power Bank Test

Lumsing Harmonica Battery

I recently got sent one of Lumsing’s latest USB power banks. As it coincided with the release of the Model A+ I thought it would be a good opportunity to see just how long the battery could run the latest Pi hardware. With the reduced power consumption of the A+ I was potentially looking at a long wait to find out …

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