Raspberry Pi LogoFarnell USB Powered Soldering Iron

USB Soldering Iron

Yes you read it correctly : A USB powered soldering iron. When I first saw this device on sale on my initial thoughts were that it couldn’t possibly work and a USB port was never going to provide enough power. Farnell offered me one to review and I gladly took the opportunity.

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Raspberry Pi LogoBuilding A Castle In Minecraft With Python

Minecraft Castle Banner

Once I had Minecraft setup on my Pi and had figured out how to use the Python API I wanted a little project to try it out. So I decided to create a script that would automatically create a castle with a moat and a couple of perimeter walls.

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Raspberry Pi LogoFarnell Xtrinsic MEMS Sensor Board For Raspberry Pi


There are now lots of Raspberry Pi add-on boards and some are more well known that others. Farnell asked if they could send me something to review and while browsing their site I came across a board that I hadn’t seen before. It’s the “Freescale¬†Xtrinsic Sensor Board for Raspberry Pi and FRDM”. They popped one in the post for me.

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Raspberry Pi LogoSimple Raspberry Pi Camera Photo Gallery Using PHP

Single File Gallery Script

There are a lot of Raspberry Pi camera projects out there that capture photos. Obviously. I’ve found a nice PHP script that lets you view these photos directly from the Pi via a web browser. The script is called “Single File PHP Gallery” and it’s free.

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Raspberry Pi LogoGetting Started With The Pi Co-op Arduino Raspberry Pi Addon

Pi Co-op Arduino Addon

The Pi Co-op is an addon board for the Raspberry Pi which brings the power of an Arduino microcontroller to our favourite single board computer.

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Raspberry Pi LogoHow To Mount A USB Flash Disk On The Raspberry Pi

SanDisk Cruzer Micro USB Flash Drive

Whether you call them USB flash disks, memory sticks, keys or drives they are a useful accessory in the world of computers. By now many people will have a collection of various devices of varying capacities. Using them with the Pi is a great way of getting some use out of them rather than letting them gather dust in a drawer.

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Raspberry Pi LogoHow to Setup the Minecraft Python API on a Raspberry Pi

Minecraft Python API Setup

The great thing about the Raspberry Pi Edition of Minecraft is that you can manipulate the game world using Python scripts. You can move the player as well as create and destroy blocks. This allows you to create structures in seconds that would take hours to create by hand.

By repeating a script you can quickly create structures you have designed. For example you could write a script to create a tower and a section of wall and use it to quickly create a massive castle.

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Raspberry Pi LogoHow To Capture Minecraft Screenshots On The Raspberry Pi

Minecraft Capturing Screenshots

In a previous post I told you how you could capture screenshots on the Raspberry Pi using “scrot”. That method worked fine for most applications but like many screen capture techniques resulted in a black rectangle when used with Minecraft. This has led many bloggers to simply photograph the screen with a real camera in order to get a screenshot of their Minecraft adventures.

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Raspberry Pi LogoHow To Autostart Apps In Rasbian LXDE Desktop

LXDE Desktop

If you use the Raspbian operating system on your Raspberry Pi you will be aware that when you type startx you launch the graphical user interface “LXDE”. Within this environment there are plenty of applications and utilities. In your projects you may want to auto-load one or more of these applications when you run startx to save you having to launch them manually.

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Raspberry Pi LogoHow To Use Gnuplot To Graph Data On The Raspberry Pi

gnuplot Header

I was recently testing a sensor which needed calibrating. This involved plotting some data and making some adjustments based on the resulting graph. As a Windows user this is a task I would normally perform in Microsoft Excel or LibreOffice Calc.

In this case I decided to try to do it on the Pi given I was already working wthin the LXDE environment. Could I do some simple plots without getting frustrated with tons of obscure command line syntax?

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