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Holux Bluetooth GPS Module And The Raspberry Pi

Back in the old days I had an Acer N50 Premium PDA. For the youngsters out there it was like a Smart Phone but without the phone bit, the capacitive touch-screen, memory, apps, GPS or battery life. I mainly used … Continue reading

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How To Connect The Perixx Bluetooth Keyboard To The Raspberry Pi

I’ve recently got hold of a Perixx Bluetooth keyboard (Model 804) which I plan to use with my tablet for typing and future Raspberry Pi projects. I chose the Perixx 804 as it uses a UK keyboard layout. The black … Continue reading

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Raspberry Pi Accessories – Poundworld Specials

Since they opened a Poundworld a mile from my house I can’t help but pop in there and see what they’ve got when I’m passing. It’s a relaxing shopping experience because there are no surprises. You never pick something up … Continue reading

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Top 10 Things to Connect to Your Raspberry Pi

During my time with the Pi I’ve experimented with various devices and sensors. Here is my Top 10 list of devices to connect to the Raspberry Pi. In most cases they are very cheap and easy to interface and are … Continue reading

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Nintendo Wii Remote, Python and The Raspberry Pi

I was looking for a way to send data to my Raspberry Pi via Bluetooth. Ideally I wanted to do this via an Android tablet and a custom app but I couldn’t get the app to connect. During a large … Continue reading

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