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Simple Raspberry Pi Camera Photo Gallery Using PHP

There are a lot of Raspberry Pi camera projects out there that capture photos. Obviously. I’ve found a nice PHP script that lets you view these photos directly from the Pi via a web browser. The script is called “Single … Continue reading

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Creating A Custom Cyntech Pi Case Tripod Mount

While working on a Raspberry Pi camera project I wanted to mount the Pi and camera on a standard tripod. I’ve got a few tripods and I was getting fed up with trying to mount the camera using sellotape, blu-tack … Continue reading

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Quick And Dirty Experiments With Infrared Illumination

As soon as I ordered some Pi NoIR camera modules I also ordered some bits and pieces for testing. This included some standard IR LEDs and a couple of cheap IR CCTV illuminators. These would allow me to test with … Continue reading

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Pi NoIR Infrared Camera Module For Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi camera has been available for a while now and it has resulted in plenty of camera based projects. Like many camera modules it is fitted with an infrared (IR) filter which is there to improve overall image … Continue reading

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PiPan Pan And Tilt Mechanism For Raspberry Pi Camera

The OpenElectrons “PiPan” is a pan and tilt mechanism for the Raspberry Pi Camera Module. I’ve used the Pi camera in a few projects but this is the first bit of commercial Pi camera hardware I’ve had the chance to … Continue reading

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Macro Photography With The Raspberry Pi Camera Module

In a recent article I mentioned how you can add cheap interchangeable lenses to your Raspberry Pi camera to make it more versatile. I’ve now played around with the macro lens and thought I’d show you a set of photos … Continue reading

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Gromit Unleashed – Field Testing The Raspberry Pi Camera

It was a lovely summer’s day in Bristol and something slightly unusual was going on in town. 80 Gromit statues were being deployed as part of the “Gromit Unleashed” public art exhibition. This is a charity event led by Aardman … Continue reading

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Cheap Interchangeable Lenses For The Raspberry Pi Camera Module

I discovered on eBay that you could buy lenses designed to be attached to a mobile phone. They cost £6.99 and included a wide angle, fish eye and macro lens so I decided to take a gamble and order a … Continue reading

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Testing Multiple Pi Camera Options With Python

It’s easy taking photos using the Pi camera module using the excellent raspistill command line utility provided by the Raspberry Pi Foundation. In it’s basic form the utility uses a set of default values. I wanted to experiment with the … Continue reading

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Adding A Watermark Or Logo To A Timelapse Video Using Avconv

The purpose of this post is to demonstrate how to add a logo to your time-lapse videos. The logo can be any graphic you can create and could easily be a watermark or text. The objective was to add my … Continue reading

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