Here is a list of terms that you might come across when reading about the Raspberry Pi. Many of them are standard computing expressions but are particularly relevant in the world of the RPI.

I will update this page when I think of new terms that might be useful to people.


Distro – Abbreviation of “Distribution”. A particular configuration of the Linux operating system.
DVI – Digital Visual Interface. A video interface for transmitting digital and analogue video between a source an display. Found on many LCD/TFT/LED computer monitors.


GPIO – General Purpose Input Output. A pin or set of pins that can be configured to act as an input or output for electrical signals.
GPU – Graphics Processing Unit. A special processor that handles graphics.


HDMI – High Definition Multimedia Interface. An audio/video interface for transmitting digital data. Found on most new monitors, TVs and audio-visual equipment.


Linux – A free, open source operating system that can run on the PI.


Pi NoIR – Official camera module without the usual infrared filter.
PXE – Preboot Execution Environment. A method to get a device to boot via the network.


SoC – System on a Chip. A complete computer packaged in a single chip.


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