Hardware Specification


The RPi is available in two models. Model A and Model B. They are very similar but the cheaper Model A does not include a network port and only provides one USB port.

The Model A was expected to be used more widely in schools due to its lower cost but the lower power consumption may also make it ideal for other projects.

The table below shows the hardware specification of both models :

Model AModel B
Raspberry Pi Model AModel B
PriceUS$25 (GBP £20)US$35 (GBP £28)
System (SoC)Broadcom BCM2835 (CPU + GPU + SDRAM)
CPU700 MHz ARM11 ARM1176JZF-S core
GPUBroadcom VideoCore IV, OpenGL ES 2.0,
OpenVG 1080p30 H.264 high-profile encode/decode
Memory256 MB512 MB
USB 2.0 ports12
Video outputsComposite video, Composite RCA, HDMI
Audio outputs3.5 mm jack, HDMI Audio
Audio inputsNone
StorageSD/SDHC card slot
NetworkNone10/100 Ethernet RJ45
Low-level peripheralsGeneral Purpose Input/Output (GPIO) pins, Serial Peripheral Interface Bus (SPI), I²C, I²S, Universal asynchronous receiver/transmitter (UART)
Real-time clockNone
Power ratings500mA, (2.5 Watt)700mA, (3.5 Watt)
Power source5V via Micro USB connector
Size85mm x 56mm (more mechanical details here)

The Model B originally shipped with 256MB but this was upgraded so all Model Bs now come with 512MB.


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