Gertboard – The Ultimate Raspberry Pi Add-on Board


assembled_gertboard_05The Gertboard is an add-on board designed by Gert van Loo who is also one of the hardware engineers involved in the original design of the Raspberry Pi. The board was originally sold by Farnell/Element14 in kit form but has just been re-launched as a fully assembled unit.

This may come as a disappoint to those people that wanted to solder their own boards but perhaps a relief to those that will be happy with a pre-built product.

The Gertboard plugs directly onto the Raspberry Pi GPIO header and provides a range of features and interfacing possibilities including :

  • Drive powerful motors
  • Detect switch presses
  • Illuminate LEDs
  • Drive relays.
  • Detect and output analogue voltages
  • Respond to external physical events

Specifications & Features

    • 12 x LED indicators
    • 12 x buffered I/O
    • 3 x momentary push buttons
    • 6 open collector drivers (50V, 0.5A)
    • 18V, 2A bi-directional motor controller
    • 28-pin dual in line ATmega microcontroller
    • 2-channel 8 bit Digital to Analogue converter

2-channel 10 bit Analogue to Digital converter

Gertboard - Layout Diagram

Gertboard – Layout Diagram

The product from Farnell/Element14 contains :

  • 1 Gertboard (Fully assembled)
  • 10 x strap cables
  • 18 x jumpers


Here are some photos I took of my Gertboard, including the Farnell packaging :

User Manual

The Gertboard User Manual is available to download from Farnell/Element14. It was created by Gert van Loo and Myra VanInwegen. It explains the features of the board, how to configure it and provides some examples to get you started.

Possible Applications

  • General electronics experiments
  • Robots and motor control
  • Sensor monitoring
  • Security systems and alarms


  1. Ron Henderson on

    Gertboard model: 21 Oct. 2012 s/n EM D12446
    Manual: Gertboard_um_final_with Schemyics.pdf
    I am trying to get my head around the gertboard, and I have a question, in the manual, figure 9 input and output jumpers.
    Where on the Schematic is B1 through B4 input and output jumpers show on the U3, U4, and U5 schematic page?

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