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Poundworld LogoSince they opened a Poundworld a mile from my house I can’t help but pop in there and see what they’ve got when I’m passing. It’s a relaxing shopping experience because there are no surprises. You never pick something up only to be shocked at an unexpected price. Whatever you see is a £1 ($1.50). Not a penny more or penny less. (Very similar to Poundland!).

So here are a few bits I picked up to stick in my Raspberry Pi project box. A bluetooth dongle, an SD card reader and a USB LED flexible light. All for the princely sum of £3.

Bluetooth USB Dongle

Poundworld Bluetooth Dongle

The Bluetooth Dongle looks like most other Bluetooth dongles. To test it I re-visited my Nintendo Wii Remote, Python and The Raspberry Pi article. Rather than my Tesco dongle I tried the Poundworld version. It worked and the Python script ran as expected. Not sure how the range compares but it’s four times cheaper than the Tesco dongle I was using previously.

LED Flexi Light

Poundworld LED Flexi Light

The light plugs into a USB port and lights up a small LED. It isn’t very bright in daylight but at night I tried it and it illuminated a 10cm square area reasonably well. I’ve got a very similar device which I purchased from Ikea for about £3 and that is much brighter. I’ll probably experiment with both of these lights in future camera module projects.

SD Card Reader

Poundworld SD Card Reader

I’ve got loads of SD card readers but I wanted a set of four to use with a 4 port USB hub to image multiple SD cards. At £1 per reader I thought these were worth a shot. It works fine and I will be using it to benchmark the performance of all my SD cards for a future article.

At some point I might grab a £1 mouse and see how that works out.

Here are some extra photos :



  1. Hmm, a few weeks ago I went to Tesco to get some Bluetooth dongles and they’d upped the price to £5. (Quite a lot in percentage terms – still bought three though.)

    I’ll have to check in Poundland when I get back home. Keep us posted if these are as good as the Technika ones 🙂

  2. Be weary of the solar led torch in there, I got 1 and wasn’t connected, but the panel did work, which was lucky.

    Wish 99p stores offered more pi-able products too!

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