BerryClip Assembly Articles, Videos and Reviews


This page aims to collate a set of videos and website articles created by other people showing BerryClip and BerryClip+ related assembly guides, reviews or projects. Hopefully this will make it nice and clear for Pi fans who are little bit nervous about soldering or are just curious as to what the kit looks like in reality.

There is nothing like seeing other peoples’ thoughts on a product before buying one yourself so hopefully these are useful.

Soldering Videos

“Raspberry Pi 6 LED BerryClip” by Graham Taylor

BerryClip Projects

“How to use your Berry Clip” by Raspberry Pi Tutorials for Complete Beginners


“Raspberry Pi – BerryClip” by RaspberryPiIVBeginners

BerryClip+ for the #RaspberryPi review by recantha



  1. where can I buy the berryclip and how much is it because I would like to have a go with this at a club at school. thanks

  2. Hi, I bought a BerryClip+. Everthing works fine. But everytime I boot my Raspberry 3, the buzzer starts continuously biping. Is there any help?

    • The buzzer is on GPIO8 which is used by the SPI interface. This will need to be disabled :

      sudo raspi-config

      Then under “Advanced Options” select “SPI”. Set it to “No”. Hopefully that will fix it.

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