Infographic – Raspberry Pi Does It Need Securing


This infographic from TrendLabs attempts to illustrate some security issues you need to be aware of when connecting your Pi to the internet. It asks “Do you really need to secure something this small”. It’s slightly vague but the three red boxes are useful reminders for any computer system you may be using.

Infographic - Raspberry Pi Does It Need Securing

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Infographics – What’s the point? Although infographics perhaps haven’t got much to say to the existing Pi fan they are a very quick way of explaining a Pi to someone who doesn’t know much about them. Why spend half an hour trying to explain when sending them to my Pi Infographic posts will have them up to speed in 5 minutes! They can also make great posters for offices or classrooms.



  1. harish pillay on

    What a wonderful attempt at FUD by Trendmicro. Nice graphics to push for a broken, and dare I say, a proprietary blob to do what is probably useless and questionable as to the value? No user of *any* Linux environment needed a product from companies like Trend and the Pi is no different.

    • Not sure it is attempting to sell a product. PR certainly but that is the only reason anyone creates Infographics. The three security “solutions” they list are simply good advice and you can follow them without using any specific Trend products.

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