Top 5 Reasons The Raspberry Pi Sucks


OK so people keep waffling on about the Raspberry Pi. They say it’s sold 4 million units, is being used to teach real kids in real classrooms, has a load of free resources and a World wide fan base but what’s so great about all that? According to the respected Fox News entertainment network it “can’t even play World of Warcraft”.

Here I take a look at the Raspberry Pi and explain why the Raspberry Pi sucks. Bad.


It costs £30. £30! Do they think we are made of money? £30 will buy you almost exactly 30 things from a £1 shop. 30! If people realised just how big 30 is they wouldn’t be so smug about buying a computer for that amount of money. Ok so the Pi fan boys will say “but a 700MHz computer once cost £700” but this is 2014 people not 2004. For £30 I expect a 700MHz PC, a desk, a chair and a 42 inch monitor.

Handful of Cash

On top of the £30 you need extra stuff like a keyboard, mouse and SD card. That’s another £15. Throw in a £1 HDMI cable and you are looking at £150+ straight away. Let’s round up and call it £200. That’s not much change out of £250.

Then there’s the power supply. £5 might not seem much but you also need a power socket to plug it into – hardwired to the National Grid. That means property. In the UK “property” averages £180,000. Fact.

The total? £180,150. Not so cheap now is it? That’s also ignoring the that all property is theft and you are expected to let your kids actually “own” one of these things.


Apparently the Pi is the “size of a credit card”. Only it isn’t. It is at least 20mm thicker than a credit card and that’s including the bumpy lettering. So if your current computer is the size of an actual credit card and you innocently buy a Pi to replace it you are going to find it won’t fit. That’s a bitter pill to swallow when you’ve spent the thick end of £180,000 already. You might as well go for that Microsoft development thing which is only four times bigger.


Just like my car, TV and mobile phone I like my hardware completely open. I don’t want to use anything that I haven’t got access to the raw blueprints down to last bit of silicon.

Raspberry Pi Sucks

Ford, Intel and Apple are happy to hand over their intellectual property so why won’t the Raspberry Pi Foundation? Publishing PCB schematics, GPIO references and tons of educational material is hardly much use to the average user who simply needs to know how the atoms are arranged on the CPU.

Like most people I need full access to the binary blob. I don’t know what a binary blob is but that’s only because it’s being hidden from the populous by dark forces.

If it’s not open there is clearly a sinister masonic-new-world-order conspiracy at play. If you think that’s ridiculous that is only because that’s what they want you to think!

Add-on Board & Accessories

The Pi market is saturated with useful add-on boards and accessories. You can’t go a single day without someone releasing a new, reasonably priced device for the Pi. The range of raspberry pi cases is staggering but why? Computers should either come in black, white or classic beige. Only the other day I saw a Pi user encase their “credit card sized” computer in a blue case. BLUE! Since when has blue ever been associated with computing? If people wanted blue computers they would go to PC World and buy a blue one. Googling “raspberry pi accessories” gives 1,570,000 results. Who the hell wants to invest in a device with such a massive selection of extras? There are actually entire companies devoted to supplying people with this stuff. Where’s the fun in buying an electronic device from the internet only to find it is supported with a staggering range of stuff 3 years later?

Community & Education

The community sucks. How are you meant to get any peace when there are thousands of like-minded individuals creating resources, sharing projects and generally helping each other out? You can hardly search for anything with “raspberry pi” in the title without getting millions of hits, tweets and Facebook posts. I much preferred the #raspberrypi hash tag in 2011 when it was used for mathematically related fruit jokes. The whole thing is sickening and something I’m glad has been largely ignored by the Pi’s competitors.

Child in front of screen

The Pi was created to educate young people in computing, help introduce them to programming and inspire the next generation of engineers. What a load of ****s. This is simply going to contribute to an increase in the technical competency of a whole generation resulting in a boost to the national economy. More money for the Government to waste. Further more some kids are going to spend the rest of their lives pursuing a career in something they are passionate about but might otherwise have not considered. It may even result in an increase in the number of female scientists and engineers creating a diversity that boosts innovation.

All simply because a few million experts and academics have “proven” it to be true. These are the same “experts” who claim pumping toxins into the environment is a bad idea. If you want to teach kids computing you can probably just download an app or let them type recipes in Word. It can’t be that hard.

What kind of crazy individual would consider this horrible nightmare scenario worthy of our support?

Real Stories from Real People

Not convinced that the Raspberry Pi sucks? Here are some heart wrenching stories from some Pi casualties :

“I saw the Pi advertised as a cheap educational tool for helping kids learn programming. So I bought one. After trying to use it as a replacement for my $4000 desktop CAD workstation I discovered it just isn’t suitable for an entire list of everyday educational tasks. “Safety critical nuclear power station cooling system regulation”, “real-time 3D architectural graphics rendering” … the list goes on and on!”

– Joe King

As if that tale isn’t bad enough here’s Stu’s story :

“I bought a Pi and wanted to light up an LED. I had to buy an LED. And a resistor. I learnt how to solder and a bit about p-n junctions. Cost me $2. That’s the sort of sting in the tale they don’t mention on their website”

– Stu Pit

As I type this article on a computer, to be stored on a computer for you to read on a computer I still fail to see why everyone is making such a big fuss about teaching “computing”. Anyone would think planet Earth revolves around computers LOL!

So hopefully this article will help prevent you making the catastrophic mistake of buying the World’s most popular mini computer and actually learning something.



  1. ” Only the other day I saw a Pi user encase their “credit card sized” computer in a blue case. BLUE! Since when has blue ever been associated with computing? ”

    They are clearly trying to rip off SGI Octane boxes. I bet this knockoff doesn’t even run IRIX.

    They should be ashamed of themselves 🙁

    I bought one by accident and it doesn’t run Windows and it seems to be able to control my kettle.

    Thank you for highlighting this menace.

  2. You’re right. every RPI sucks. I know what I’m talking about because I’ve got 5 of them doing my filesharing, working as a media server, as a WLAN access point, database and web server, firewall, printer and scanner server a.s.o.
    When I used Windows to do all this I was used to reboot the PC’s from time to time just because to prevent them to hang up after a few weeks of 24/7 uptime. Now with all this RPI they simply work for month. They simply made all my windows servers useless.

    • I installed for that a windows PC. With system setup and installation of all software it took 1 hour and it run without any problem since 3 month.

      How much time you put into your RPI Setup?

      • Dieter, did you install:
        – Windows System, with
        – filesharing
        – media server,
        – as a WLAN access point
        – database and
        – web server,
        – firewall,
        – printer and scanner server
        in 1 hour? WTF!! Why I didn’t find you in the Guiness??

  3. William Stephenson on

    This is so spot on!!!

    I too am tired of everyone gushing about this thing. As if it wasn’t already bad enough, they’ve went and “Upgraded” their “Model B” to a “Model B+”, but did they make in any bigger or thinner? No. They kept it at the same “credit card” size. Samsung has made their phones bigger, and Apple just announced they’re making the iPhone “Even Bigger”, plus, it’s also almost and entire millimeter thinner!!!!

    If you spent as much on Raspberry Pi computers as you do for an iPhone you’d have a stack as thick as a loaf of bread!!!

    • Wow. You guys have no idea what you are talking about. I call it the “Apple Brain Wave”. Just change a few numbers and dumb people start buying crap. Wow. The RPI is meant as a test device. You dumb people think it is sh*t for not being able to run windows. WOW. It is just a fun little project.

  4. Absolutely; D I only ever want to see blue when my operating system wishes to harmoniously sing at me with a joyful error. Who wants to be able to swap their operating system with the flick of an sd card? I want to be free to stick with the memory limit my vendor generously placed within my yearly salary, if i stretch my overdraft i might even be able to afford another gb.

  5. That and it changed my life forever. If it were only for this damned Raspberry bloody Pi I would still be stacking shelves in my local Co-op. Damn you Raspberry Pi. How will those damn shelves ever be stacked!!

  6. You missed out the amount of time these things waste in the evening. Do you know how many episodes of soap operas I’ve missed due to these time leaches. How many of my lunch hours have been taken up reading blogs of other sufferers like you. I’m hoping my kids never get hold of them, it might start affecting their school work.

  7. You funny man Matt!

    Did you see the extortionate running costs too? I’m sure someone tested it to be £5 a year electricity if left on 24/7, 365 days a year. There goes the ozone layer.

    Nice to be mentioned too…”…tons of educational material is hardly much use to the average user” 😉

  8. OMG —

    You have saved me — I was searching on how to mount a usb stick and now I find out it’s all a waste of time !

    Damn those educationalists!


  9. Personally I gave my rPi up this Monday. That is what I thought of it…

    I Know your joking and you gave me a laugh, but for between £5-£15 you can pick up an old computer at a bootsale which will be reams more powerful and have all the outputs except HDMI (most TV’s have VGA and DVI anyway).

    For an extra 15quid you can get a banana pi or pc duino. Both use an A20 dual core chip, both have 1GB RAM and both have 1GB ethernet, SATA and GPIO… PcDuino (actually my least fav of the two), also has onboard storage for the OS so while you can boot an SD, you can install to the device for a “main distro”…

    So yeah it is a bit shoddy in 2014, but pre 2014 it was an alright bit of kit, got mine in 2012, by 2013 I was bored of it. But for the “it’s crap brigade” this is not the only project you could ever customise. In 2003/2004, I bought a linksys photo streamer that ran linux that I could flash and customise, run on the TV, they even went to the effort to have an FB-based GUI for low-end TV’s (making it more portable with Car Screens using RCA etc). Since then and probably before, various routers and switches have been released for the home market running linux, and some consumer electronic TV devices have been released; so while the rPi is not Evil, its certainly not a newcomer to the embedded linux movement which was silently chugging along for years pre-pi….

  10. You forgot to mention it is misleading as 1 of your 5 a day – I couldn’t find a single edible berry in mine and it’s not contained in pastry. No raspberries and definitely not a pie.

    • i am agree with you, what does the guy who wrote this article expect?? a RBpi for free?? if you want to have a basic server with low energy consume .. are we going to buy a sofisticated server with high capabilities?? it is a very stupid article

    • Rolly Estomaguio on

      I’ve used several Apple models in the 80’s for programming and became an IBM and Intel based PC user until now from Windows 3.1 to Windows 8.1. Raspberry Pi fulfilled my long time dream of building a robotic car and some automation project. You cannot build a cheap robotic car with Apple or Intel based computers while with RPI you can build a quite complex robotic car, drone or any robotics project in just one week to one month. I think the writer of this article focused only common use of computers for non-programming user.

  11. A devastating demolition of the Pi which also captures the essence of modern journalism. You should be writing for The Guardian*.
    * To be even-handed I’d better add: or The Daily Mail.

  12. Greetings!

    Well, in my humble opinion I think it all depends on to what you want to use, in my case to play using a laptop Alienware, but to develop any project that requires working with high-level languages and is portable the raspberry is very useful besides that power consumption is low (very useful in DRONES) or automation.

    Friends I think it all depends on the application that you want to give the raspberry.

  13. NoExpectations on

    Methinks some people took this blog entry a little too seriously. Shame… I laughed my socks off.
    As a total novice, just coming here for a bit of info, you’ve sold me. But I might check out the Arduino and the Spark Core too… 😉

  14. I know this’s tongue-in-cheek joking, but really the one valid point on here has been the ‘blob’ comment.

    For a lot of people they may not care/realise/be affected by the whole debacle with the GPU blob, but the fact that the source code was released and someone managed to code a graphics driver for Quake 3 Arena to actually push up the framerate to 125fps proves a point.

    The blob sucks and it is/was holding the Raspberry Pi back.

    Now all we need is a graphics driver for the rest of the Raspbian operating system (and not just particularly targetted at Quake 3: Arena) but I suspect that’ll take more than a 10,000 prize unless someone’s currently working on it outside of Broadcom (the source released wasn’t even directly for the Raspberry Pi chip iirc).

    • Number of Raspberry PI’s sold, 4M. Number of people held back by not having access to the firmware, 100. So not sure how badly it’s being held back tbh.

      As someone who has had access to the firmware in the past (I worked on it for 6 years), I can see no benefit to releasing the source code. 5 million lines of fairly uncommented very complex code code is not going to be an easy read, and since almost every feature of the GPU is already exposed to users via libraries, it’s difficult to ascertain any benefits to releasing it. Bug fixes are already handled by Broadcom or the Foundation by very experienced engineers who have worked on the code base for years, so that’s not a reason. Adding additional stuff? Well, you could write new camera drivers if you knew how to do it (ie spend about a year trying to figure out how it all works like I did – and I had access to the experts).

      So I really disagree that the closed firmware has affected the take up at all. Perhaps a few people, but really, a completely insignificant number.

      • “So I really disagree that the closed firmware has affected the take up at all.”

        I wasn’t talking about closed firmware affecting the take-up, as in sales, of the Raspberry Pi. Restricting use to the blob was limiting the performance of the Pi being used and processing being offloaded to the GPU.

        “I can see no benefit to releasing the source code. ”

        Wow, seriously? After the proof in the eating of what frame rate the release of source code allowed the Raspberry Pi to take advantage of the graphics processor with the Quake 3 Arena compared to using the graphics blob, how can you really say type that with a straight face?

        “and since almost every feature of the GPU is already exposed to users via libraries, it’s difficult to ascertain any benefits to releasing it”

        No, it really isn’t, as proof of the benchmarks of the Quake 3 competition shows.

  15. Another big problem is that the raspberry pi isn’t made by child labourers in china. Did you know that there are currently over 100,000 unemployed children in china right now? These children suffer daily, struggling to even feed themselves, all because Apple can’t afford to open another manufacturing plant.

    Think of the children – buy an ipad. Only a monster would use a raspberry pi.

  16. Blue, how dare they? Doesn’t IBM own every trademark and patent on blue computers?

    No! Wait, IBM owns “big blue computers” and “BLU” databases.

  17. Tongue in cheek this article may be, but it still glosses over a few things. I am definitely not against the rpi … it is fantastic, absolutely bloody fantastic.

    However, it is misleading to suggest that the extras (Keyboard, SD cards et cost a total of ~£15. Cheap £4.99 SD cards don’t last that long. And Keyboards – well pop down to any of your normal retailers and have a look.

    Also the claim is that is for kids … but how many of the 4 million units are in the hands of kids? My guess is less than 10%. Not a number to be sneezed at by any means. If these are the entry point into computing for some kids great! But be honest if a school already has PCs or whatever school kids can get cracking with for example Python. I have been told by many teachers that they do have confused parents asking them about raspberry pi’s and get really surprised when they are told that their little D can do scratch (or Python) at home on the PC.

    As a maker I find it useful and cheap to play with and I think this is probably a large part of its appeal for “big kids”.

    In the final analysis, the really great thing about the RPI is that it is encouraging others to make similar devices (and even better ones). RPI encourages innovation.

  18. A_Mind+of_few+words on

    Wow, After reading all those comments, what is a person to say? I think we should give up now, before the RPI dictator forces us to learn something out side of the box. Who knew that a little piece of hardware could make people think about other things then them self’s. Well give it to the new world order for coming up with the concept of Bread & circus’s………..


    be-warned I’ve seen the future and its getting a little brighter everyday…..

  19. I agree totally with Matt. I was so enthused about my project and couldn’t wait to for it to arrive. Followed all the steps BUT! Getting to implement the linux software to enable my project to successfully operate was another story. Lighting LED’s and controlling tiny servos was not my cake. It seems there is absolutely no coherence between various version. Python is constantly in a state of change with revisions and no one is really in charge in putting this all together. We now will have a Rasp that runs under a Windows 10 mini environment. Ah hA hA hA We all know what that means don’t we? Updates, firewalls and other infestations of malware. The Wheezy with it’s permissions is the biggest pain in the ass there ever was. Down load an update for something and now you find parts of your project are incompatible with something or another. Let’s face it it sucks, and it sucks big time.

  20. Hollow Ichigo on

    Just would like to say……………F##K YOU!
    The PI is a decent piece of architecture.
    Look,it helps others in underprivileged countries.
    I don’t really care what you’re ranting and raving about.
    All I’m saying is give the thing a bloody chance,alrite?

    To cut a long story short,do you ever see interesting topics about RPI
    Clones like Banana and Orange PI?Hell no!

    So just deal with it!

  21. jack hemphill on

    Just purchased the latest raspberry-pi 2, model b..
    I wanted to use it for watching CW, you-tube videos, etc..
    Running Rastaban, and tried a few more OS..
    Never could get the sound working vary well, even with the old jack audio output..
    The web browser in Rastaban, is not compatible with you-tube videos, flash player issues.. I am disappointed, all i can do now is hope a better OS comes out for it…


  23. welcome,this comment not effect the rpi,but will make people open their mind to really know about rpi. its “superb”.

  24. humanahumanahumana on

    Ha! I’m not sure what is funnier, this write up or some of these comments by morons.
    Well written article, congrats and thanks for making me laugh.

  25. Good points, but my biggest complaint is the fact that it doesn’t have an x86 processor. I mean come on! If you are going to make a small computer, put an actual processor on it, not some piece of s__* phone processor!

    Also, I love the rage in the comments. Keep it up everybody!

  26. It is quite shit, though. It’s just an incredibly underpowered desktop PC that doesn’t teach you squat about computers, but just Linux.
    If they stripped away all the bullshit layers of Linux, shipped it with a BASIC derivative and allowed low-level programming, it’d be a MUCH better ordeal.

  27. Yes, it’s really sucks. It has only limited set of aux ports… There is no DE-9 for RS-232 communication, no RJ-11 for my old copper-wired landline phone, no S-Video to connect my VHS player, no PS/2 for my classic mouse/keyboard, no RF port for common UHF TV antenna. It surely lacks of connectivity options. I can’t even connect a standard 5.25″ floppy disk drive while my old PC/XT can attach two of them at once! What a shame!

      • James Purcell on

        Wait where?
        Mine cost me £1500, a lung, a kidney and my first born child!
        Wife is still mad at me!

  28. There’s no much sense in a computer with no normal ports (no D-sub/RCA port means no TV/monitor without additional pay, no case (impossible to use without additional cost), low RAM… everything it can do, specific solutions do at part of its cost. Router, NAS, mediaserver…

    • James Purcell on

      Don’t forget the lack of DVI needed to connect to pc monitors or thunderbolt for Apple monitors.

      • No DVI? The Pi has HDMI, which is just DVI with audio down the same cable, so buy a HDMI to DVI cable for a pound and plug it into your DVI computer monitor. Don’t let’s forget all those poor, hard up suckers on the dole who don’t have a DVI monitor: they will just have to connect it to their 72 inch HDTV via one of it’s many HDMI inputs.

  29. James Purcell on

    This thing really sucks, it can run IOS or OSX and really can’t run the flawed Windows operating system which is important so that it can be used with commonly available flawed windows PC’s.
    Doesn’t run any PS4 or hexbox games 🙁
    What a let down.

    OMG MATT you just made me laugh and if I hadn’t just finished my pint of beer I would have just waisted it over my laptops screen…..
    Thanks MATT

  30. wow

    it’s just staggering the amount of people who didn’t get this was a joke article.

    The line “the respected Fox News entertainment network” should have been your first clue ( Genuinely laughed out loud at that one)

    if that was too subtle for you, how about:

    £30 will buy you almost exactly 30 things from a £1 shop.
    For £30 I expect a 700MHz PC, a desk, a chair and a 42 inch monitor.


    • “700MHz PC + desk + chair” are irony because we are not in 2004 – or maybe you missed this above. MATT said that 700MHz PC had price £700 ten years ago – now for the same price you have to get 700MHz PC plus desk and chair. In other words, don’t think this prives a joke.

  31. …this is just a stupid joke …I’ve spent more on taking my Wife and child to the movies, then having to leave half-way through because the little one got bored.

    Oh, sorry a lot of you are pirates so I am stupid for going to the cinema and supporting the film industry in the first place

  32. well i brought the pi against the wifes wishes…. getting the deposit together now, as down payment on the new house so i can plug it in….. £100,000 south wales… (see i saved at least £80,000 so i can accessorise the little beauty)

  33. Raspberry pi really sucks , you need to know linux commands , you need to know programming , you need to be patient when it does not play hd videos in youtube , you need to spend a lot of money for acesories , you need more ram , and at the end of the day my iptv box with octacore cpu , 2 gb of ram , octa core gpu and easy o use menu seems like a piece of heaven compared to raspberry pi , not to mention the remote

    If i need to spend one year learning linux commands and another one learning programming in order to be able to use the pi then forget it , also somethng else not all the people that will use it are progammers and thats why i like windows and android , simplicity and user friendliness

  34. You know what mister funny-pants? screw you. let me give you five real reasons rPi sucks and will continue to suck
    1. It’s not a real computer. as in, you can’t really use it in any useful way. you can write code, but most probably won’t be able to run it due to hardware constraints. And before you open your mouth – yes, you are trying to market it as one. Sure, it may be of use for educational purposes, but you’ll need a real computer next to this POS if you want to learn anything.
    2. That being said, it IS expensive. Anything you can make with it will cost you more than a ready-made analogue. We’re talking a $50 toy that needs at least another fifty to even start playing with it.
    3. It’s slower than my retarded brother, and that idiot still thinks that wage gap is a thing.
    4. Yeah, about that open-source software that takes YEARS of tinkering to get it going… Imagine you had to reassemble the engine of your car each time you need to drive to the store. HOW FUN IS THAT!
    5. Community. Yes, community. I had a hard time finding an HONEST review not made by a fanboy, and I actually had to buy one to get an idea of how bad it was.

    bottom line: nobody actually needs it. anything this board can do can be done cheaper and easier. You don’t need an OS to light LEDs and that is about all it can do.

    • 1. It is a real computer. I can run plenty of code with it. It’s hardware features are what makes it better for many tasks. People with brains are learning lots with the Pi. Why would you need a full size desktop PC to learn? Maybe learning isn’t one of your family’s strong points? That’s fine. We won’t judge.

      2. Cost is all relative. Books are expensive compared to reading stuff for free on the internet but we still have books in my house. A car is expensive compared to a bike. A house is expensive compared to a tent.

      3. Speed is relative. The Pi is fast enough for thousands of applications you just haven’t got the imagination to think of any.

      4. If the Pi is taking you years to set up you are doing it wrong. Get an adult to help. My CCTV system took me about 8 minutes to setup and it’s been running for 24/7 over 8 months.

      5. Community isn’t much to do about reviews and more about support. You don’t seem like a guy who would get on very well in any community so I see your problem.

      If you can teach kids about technology without a Pi that is awesome. Good luck!

  35. 1) Terrible performance. Can’t even view YT HD vids without lagging like mad.
    2) $39? That’s just the motherboard. You can get a second-hand ATX m/b for that money. Add up another $39 for a case, an AC adapter, and a decently sized memcard and then you might get going.
    3) Linux. I don’t love Linux, but I love the idea of it. What sucks is that Windows is the de-facto standard. Linux user-Friendliness and compatibility therefore sucks.
    4) Contributing to the consumption society. Keep using your old stuff if you don’t need it. Raspberry Pi can’t possibly perform better than a Pentium 4 HT, not even graphic-wise with a decent AGP card. No way in Hell.
    5) Whatever… there’s nothing more to say about it.

    • 1) Install KODI and it will play HD without lagging!

      2) “second hard ATX”? Why not brand new? After 5 years you can buy set of 10 RPi-s for e.g. $20…

      3) Find something running Windows for $39 and go.

  36. I did not understood the part with “£180,000 property”. Maybe the author has £1,000 Laptop and lives on field or under a bridge? Or if somebody buys $500 desktop PC, he gets free house with it – there is no need to buy property? Or a desktop box PC price includes keyboard and mouse (only the box, not a complete system)? Or maybe I cannot use RPi remotely over ethernet without keyboard dedicated to RPi?

  37. Ok, so you’re bashing a computer that’s made for teaching? What do you know about the Raspberry PI? Yeah, just go to your stupid day job where you fix bugs and bitch all day. I hate this article and your opinion! Don’t bash the raspberry pi – it rules! You’re such a chode!

  38. Good grief, there really are lots of morons on the net.
    The article is a joke people…get it? …obviously not.

  39. I find this hilarious because a 42″ monitor for a computer cost around £200-400 so you wouldn’t get a monitor, most swivel chairs cost about £40-70 and most 700MHz laptops with 256MB of RAM and a 12GB HDD running windows 98 alone will cost about £50
    In total we’re look at a minimum of £290 and a maximum of £520

  40. The RPI is not a Desktop Replacement ok!
    it is not a computer that you use for everyday use ok.
    RPI is for prototyping or some sort of testing that your IDEA can really exist in the real world many people are having different IDEA about the RPI if you found the RPI in other way and not based on its purpose you should not use RPI.

  41. Gerald 2718 (not 3141) on

    Actually putting the Raspberry Pi in a blue box is a clear case of ripping off IBM, who used to be called “Big Blue”. Their computers could cost $35,000,000. (1970’s prices) Using blue is a clear case of infringement. Unless you put the 1,000,000 Pis you could buy with that $35,000,000 in clear cases, then it’s not a clear case of infringement. (price not including cases or power supplies)

  42. This thing has been a pain in the ass to do basic stuff with that ubuntu server could do out of the box in seconds. So many gotchas and stupid crap to slow your simple project down. the raspberry has THORNS and they will poke your ass!

    I just threw mine into my box of junk.. my old laptop has been so much easier to get real projects up and going

  43. Omg i’m falling off my chair laughing. Is this guy homeless or somthing? 30 pounds (about $30 u.s.) is nothing for a computer. “30 things in a 1 pound store” well i’m glad ya did ur math, not to mention that the quality of things from a $1/1 pound store is crap. “I expect a 700 mhz pc, computer monitor, and desk chair” FOR 30 POUNDS!!!!!! Woah that would be one massive deal to get that much for 30 pounds. “You a power socket”, yea no wonder, how else do you plug in electrical devices? “you need property”, so he doesn’t own any property and is probably posting this at a public library or somthing. Idk, but it’s really not all that expensive, unless ur broke like him

  44. While the RPi is fantastic, the online community sucks. Unhelpful neck-bears on a tribal forum that detest newcomers and are generally toxic bullies and tyrants.

    The “community” argument is not a true selling point of the RPi. A Pine64 board would do just as well, probably with a less shitty online community.

    • If the Beagle Bone Black had a community it would have gone much further than the Raspberry PI. It’s a better board out of the box. I had a friend, who invented the Divx player and video encoding used by YouTube today, (rest in peace Jack) review both boards and said just that.. The Beagle Bone was a better chip set and architecture, but the RPi had a larger community. Community is everything in open source projects!

  45. I wish I had never bought such a useless piece of junk. I didn’t know it was something far too complicated to do anything with. How are you going to teach a class of children with this thing? There is no support anywhere on the internet for it. What little I could find, doesn’t work. I will be dis-assembling the raspberry pi 4 B and salvaging what connectors and stuff there is to add to my junk drawer and tossing the rest of the useless BS into the garbage. Bye Bye to the Pi. I will not waste another minute on it.

  46. What I find interesting about this article are those who can read and understand humour and those who clearly can’t. As for me, this is the best clickbait I have ever clicked on 😀

    • Yeah. You hear that everyone? That was the sound of this article going right over your head.

      Don’t use Raspberry Pi and have a great day.

  47. Edward E Dotson on

    All kidding aside, the pi platform really does stink on ice. Useless bit of kit that you never stop spending money. Bet the boys at the pi foundation are laughing all the way to the bank. Ooh, I made an led light up, am I not special?

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