Raspberry Pi Model A+ Cases


It’s early days at the moment but within the first week of the Model A+ release the community has been busy creating custom cases. Pimoroni were quick off the blocks with a variation of their popular PiBow case.

Not to be out done some members of the community have been busy creating custom cases, in some instances before they had even received their Model A+. The popularity of 3D printers has made this sort of activity possible in a way it wasn’t at the time of the original Model B.

After a quick survey on Twitter here is a selection of cases currently available.

Model A+ Case - Pimoroni PibowA+ Coupe Royale Pibow

This case from Pimoroni (@pimoroni) is only £6.50 so is in keeping with the low price of the Model A+ while maintaining the style and class of the original PiBow. It is created with coloured layers of acrylic. The top and bottom layers are transparent leaving the Pi visible inside. All the ports are accessible and the whole case only weighs 61g. There are more details on the Pimoroni site.

Model A+ Case - Graham TaylorGraham Taylor (@rpiSchool)

The first 3D printed case I saw appear was from Graham. This was announced via Twitter at 2am when all the best work gets done! The top and base fit together using friction. The case provides a slot for the camera ribbon cable. The design is available from Thingverse so you can download and print your own.


Model A+ Case - Dave HuntDave Hunt (@climberhunt)

Dave has created a full case which consists of a top and bottom section. The lid doesn’t contain openings for GPIO, camera or display cables but as he says on his website these can be added if required by editing the source files.


case_model_a_plus_mikerrMike Redrobe (@mikerr)

Mike has a created a minimal base plate for the A+. This gives you something to attach the Pi to either as part of a further structure or on its own.


The three 3D printed cases are all available to download, print and modify. Please see the linked websites for additional license details.

Thanks to @RasPiTV, @MarkSwashplate, @Mikered, @rpiSchool and @climberhunt for the info. If you are a Twitter user and aren’t already you should probably be following these guys.

If you print any of these cases don’t be shy in letting them know as I’m sure they will be pleased to hear their designs are in circulation.


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