Pi Wars – Saturday 6th December 2014


Saturday 6th December 2014 saw the first “Pi Wars” hosted as part of the Cambridge Jam. This is a hugely popular event held at the Institute of Astronomy, Cambridge.

This was the first Pi Wars event and aimed to give Pi fans of all ages and abilities the chance to design, build and develop robots to compete against each other.

So, onto the list of challenges:

Remote Controlled :

  • Aesthetics (mandatory)
  • Code Quality (mandatory)
  • Obstacle Course
  • Robot Golf
  • Sumo Battle

Autonomous :

  • Line Follower
  • Proximity Alert
  • Three Point Turn

and finally :

  • Straight Line Speed Test – either autonomous or remote-controlled

The challenges were designed to ensure there was something to interest robot builders of all ages and experience.

Here are some videos created by Raspberry Pi fans who survived the day!



Dawn Robotics

CamJam PiWars Straight Line Speed Test

Mini-Me – Smallest Robot

Blogs & Write-ups

Here are some articles about the day from people who were lucky enough to be there :

To keep an eye on future events please visit the Official Pi Wars site. This site also contains details of the rules which will be of interest to anyone wanting to enter next year’s event.



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