PiJuice – The Portable Power Solution for the Raspberry Pi


PiJuice is a new product being launched on KickStarter on 28th February 2015. It provides a wireless, off-grid power solution to for the Raspberry Pi. It can be used as the basis of a solar powered project or as an un-interruptable power supply. The onboard real-time clock (RTC) allows for intelligent deep sleep and automated wake-up functionality.

This will allow users to set their Pis free from its power supply. It provides the ultimate power solution for portable projects with solar capability for free off-grid power.

PiJuice for Raspberry Pi

The PiJuice has been developed to optimise the Raspberry Pi even further by making it self-powered and portable. The team behind PiJuice wanted to provide not only the best portable hardware/software solution, but also a set of inspiring and affordable guided projects for fun, learning, and to break your Pi out into the real world.

Here are few of the unique projects that the PiJuice makes possible:

  • Build the best and most compact Raspberry Pi Camera
  • Build Your Own Raspberry Pi Laptop
  • Create an awesome Digital Radio
  • Build a nano Raspberry Pi Robot
  • Build a hand-held games console

Ultimate integrated power is one thing but what if the Raspberry Pi could be renewably powered too?  Solar power is free, clean, and green and PiJuice Solar is the most affordable and efficient solar solution for the Raspberry Pi on the market.

PiJuice LogoPiJuice Solar is self-monitoring and, like a space satellite, can become a completely autonomous system. You can use the PiJuice Solar for autonomous camera systems, weather stations, off-grid desktops, and so many other great outdoor projects.

PiJuice makes the Raspberry Pi an independent, stand-alone platform. By using intelligent power behaviour, the integrated battery will keep itself topped up when plugged in, and supply any extra power to the Pi as required.

The PiJuice is a highly capable, un-interruptable power supply (UPS) complete with a real-time clock (RTC) for intelligent deep sleep and automated wake-up functionality. It also features an onboard programmable switch and LED and conforms to the Raspberry Pi HAT specification, complete with on-board EEPROM for easy plug and play operation.

Aaron Shaw, co-creator, said:

We have been working for nearly a year to bring this product to reality. We are delighted to launch PiJuice and hope that it can become the ultimate product for portable and remote Raspberry Pi projects.

PiJuice is not just a product but an entire learning platform. We will be launching a number of exciting open source projects and tutorials from the outset, and will continue to develop more quality content to help our customers get the most out of their Raspberry Pis and PiJuice add-on.

Perhaps my favourite aspect of PiJuice is the renewable power generation capability. We are already in talks with a number of organisations and charities with the aim of implementing PiJuice in remote and off-grid communities in the developing world.

I am excited to see where this can go.

Pledges to support the project start at just £1, so the PiJuice platform offers a cost effective way to get your RasPi on the move. The full retail price is £25, but you can get hold of a PiJuice during the Kickstarter for just £20. To purchase a PiJuice in a ready to go kit with the new Raspberry Pi 2 a case, SD card and PSU, pledgers are asked for £70. So there’s an option available for every budget.

To pledge to fund PiJuice, please visit the Kickstarter campaign and see the video at http://PiJuice.com.


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