IMNEED 3200mAh Li-on Battery Power Bank Test


The IMNEED GC-802 power bank from Lumsing is a small USB power bank with a capacity of 3200mAh. As with my other power banks I decided to see how long it could run a Raspberry Pi for.


IMNeed 3200mAh BatteryHere are the overall specifications :

Size97mm x 22mm
InputMicroUSB 5V/1A
OutputUSB 5V/1A

The device is rectangular in shape with rounded edges. The case is aluminium with both USB sockets at one end. It includes an LED so you can use it as a torch. Unlike the cylindrical power banks the flatter sides on this one make it easier to stick or strap down in your Raspberry Pi creations.

IMNeed 3200mAh Battery


Using the Pi Power Estimator Android app I predicted a runtime of 482-604 minutes on a Raspberry Pi B+ and 428-536 minutes using a Pi 2 Model B. That is with Ethernet active and a BerryClip on the top running an LED light sequence.


Here are the final results :

Raspberry Pi B+

9 hours 6 minutes (546 minutes)

Raspberry Pi 2 Model B

8 hours 32 minutes (512 minutes)

Tha’t s a good performance and right in line with my expectations. A Raspberry Pi Model A+ with WiFi should give in the region of 12 hours (650-810 minutes).

IMNeed 3200mAh BatteryThe IMNeed 3200mAh Power Bank is available from Amazon for £17 ($14).




  1. Is this power bank capable of simultaneously charging its battery as well as serving power to the Pi? In other words, can it serve as a UPS for the pi? I’ve been looking for a USB power supply that can act as a UPS for a while now.


    • They never make it clear in the instructions. I don’t think they are ever really designed to allow charging and discharging at the same time. You’re better off with an add-on board such as the PiUPS (

  2. Do you know where i can buy this power bank wholesale for my shop?
    I sell power bank and portable solar charger.
    Also would you be interested in reviewing one of my new slim line power bank.

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