Raspberry Pi Family Photo by RasPi.TV


The Pi Family Photo is created and maintained by Alex Eames from RasPi.tv. It shows each iteration of the Raspberry Pi and was updated in March 2018. The latest photo shows the Raspberry Pi Zero W and Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+.

Raspberry Pi Family Photo

Here is the photo in all its glory :

Raspberry Pi Family Photo by RasPi.TV

Clicking the photo will reveal a larger version. The photo shows a number of slightly rarer devices including the two red Chinese versions, a Brazilian Pi 3 and a Limited Edition Blue Pi.

Pi Family Photo Members

The full list of included models is :

  • Model B
  • Model B with links
  • Model A
  • Model B (Rev 2, 256MB)
  • Model B (Rev 2, China)
  • Model B (Rev 2.1, UK)
  • Model B (Rev 2, Red PCB, Chinese)
  • Model B (Rev 2, Limited Edition Blue PCB)
  • Compute Module
  • Model B+
  • Model B+ (Red PCB, Chinese)
  • Model A+ (256MB)
  • Model A+ (512MB)
  • Pi 2B (v1.0)
  • Pi 2B (v1.2)
  • Pi Zero (v1.2)
  • Pi Zero (v1.3)
  • Pi Zero W
  • Pi 3
  • Pi 3 (Japanese)
  • Pi 3 (Brazilian, Blue PCB)
  • Compute Module 3
  • Pi 3 B+

Source : RasPi.TV
Conditions of use : Alex is happy for the photo to be used provided the RasPi.TV credit stays intact. It is available at 1500px resolution as CC-BY-SA.


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