3D Printed Adafruit Raspberry Pi Zero Case – Part 2


Almost within minutes of my posting my previous 3D Printed Adafruit Raspberry Pi Zero Case post Adafruit updated the design of this case to take into account the comments on Thingiverse.

So I quickly printed out a new one to see how it compared with the original design. I went for a tasteful acid yellow this time …


3D Printed Adafruit Pi Zero Case

The lid as been simplified and no longer has the cut-out at the SD card end.

The connector holes have been simplified and this makes the front wall easier to print. The Pi Zero fits ok although I’m still struggling to snap it into place without the little pegs breaking. This is more down to the brittleness of PLA I think. So personally I still prefer real bolts or screws for this sort of application.

What I would like to see is a set of lids with and without cut-outs so people can choose the lid they require for their projects. Maybe an option for the base to have no HDMI hole?


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