List the Pre-installed Packages in Raspberry Pi OS


Whenever there is a new release of Raspberry Pi OS I always wonder what pre-installed packages are available by default. Sometimes this affects my old tutorials as I want to know if I need to bother telling people to install packages that are now included by default.

The latest version of Raspberry Pi OS is always available from the Official Downloads page.

The pre-installed packages marked as “automatic” can be listed using :

apt-mark showauto

Those marked as manually installed can be listed using :

apt-mark showmanual

If you want to save the list as a text file you can use :

apt-mark showauto > packagelist.txt


apt-mark showmanual > packagelist.txt

There are usually 400-500 packages.

You can list packages with specific text in the title using “grep”. In the example below we can list all the pre-installed packages with “spi” in the title :

apt-mark showauto | grep spi

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