Raspberry Pi Zero now has a camera connector


PiThe Raspberry Pi Zero has just been updated to include a camera connector like it’s bigger brothers. This is great news as it now opens up a whole new set of possibilities for the smallest member of the Raspberry Pi family.

In order to connect a camera you will need a custom six-inch adapter cable. This converts from the fine-pitch connector format on the Zero to the coarser pitch used by the camera board.
Raspberry Pi Zero with camera

Photo from Official Raspberry Pi blog

This increases the cost and will no doubt lead to some grumbling but being able to create an HD recording device for under £10 is awesome in my opinion.

Alex Eames of RasPi.TV has created a quick intro to the new model :

The new Pi Zero v1.3 is available in Europe from The Pi Hut and Pimoroni. In the US it should be available from Adafruit and in-store at branches of Micro Center. There are 30,000 new Zeros out there today with more on the way.

If you’ve struggled to buy a Zero up until now then you might be quietly happy that you can get one now with a camera interface. Sometimes patience has its rewards!


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