Mini NES Classic Raspberry Pi Games Console


I don’t often blog about other people’s projects but this is one that just needs talking about. This project is a miniature Nintendo NES games console complete with plug-in games cartridges. It is based on a Raspberry Pi B+ and runs Retropie software.

Mike over at has written an awesome write up of the whole project. It goes into lots of detail about how he designed the case, how he used RFID and how he made the cartridge loading mechanism.

Even if you aren’t interested in the games console angle Mike’s blog post is interesting for the RFID and 3D printing information.

Lots of people seem to want to give Mike handfuls of money to make this as a kit but I’m not sure where he would stand from a legal point of view given the console design is probably protected by various patents.

Nintendo have just released info on their own Mini NES but we all prefer Mike’s. Some how it has more soul than anything coming out a factory as it was designed and made with an obvious passion.


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  1. Somehow I doubt Nintendo kept renewing the patents for the case for 30 years as it would cost them a lot of money.

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