Pi Camera 3D Printed Magnetic Lens Mount


This mount allows you to mount a magnetic lens to the Raspberry Pi camera module. These magnetic lenses are sold as sets online for attaching to mobile phones. They are cheap and a great way to alter the standard Pi camera.

Pi Camera Magnetic Lens MountThis mount can be screwed to the Pi module using 2mm nylon bolts. An 8mm metal washer can then be inserted into the recess and the magnetic lens will simply stick to the washer. Depending on the fit the washer can be held in place with a few small drops of superglue.

Due to the surface-mount components on the PCB you can add a few bolts to act as spacers if required. I like using nylon bolts as they are flexible and easy to trim to the correct length.

Pi Camera Magnetic Lens Mount

The lens simply “snaps” on :

Pi Camera Magnetic Lens Mount

I combined this item with my “Pi Camera Cylinder Mount” to assemble a security camera.

Pi Camera Magnetic Lens Mount

The mount is available from Thingiverse to download and print :

along with the cylinder mount if you want to use the same enclosure as mine :


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