RasPiO Inspiring Cool RGB Light System for Raspberry Pi


Alex Eames of RasPiO has just launched a new project on Kickstarter called “RasPiO Inspiring”. This is a set of programmable RGB LED boards which can be connected together to make 2D or 3D shapes.

Example projects include :

  • Light Pyramid
  • Mood light
  • Internet Clock (NTP)
  • TV simulator security device
  • Persistance of vision project
  • Natural light alarm clock
  • Controllable light source for macro photography/videography
  • Christmas or other holiday decorative lighting
  • Eye-catching wearable

Or simply use them in your own project where you need fine control over colour and intensity of light.

Although the RasPiO range has focused on the Raspberry Pi these boards can also be used with :

  • Raspberry Pi and Python (or any other language)
  • Arduino
  • ESP8266 (e.g. Wemos D1 mini)
  • ATtiny (e.g. Digispark)

Here is a video showing the boards in action :

As you would expect from RasPi.TV the project is well described and features working prototypes. They have an awesome track record for delivering Kickstarter projects, in part due to sensible aspirations and meticulous planning.

At the time of writing the project is already at 85% funded and I suspect by the time you are reading this it won’t be far of 100% if not already past it.

RasPiO Inspiring Kickstarter Pledges

Full project details and that all important “Pledge” button can be found on the RasPiO Inspiring Kickstarter page.


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