Buy a Raspberry Pi

If you are looking to buy a Raspberry Pi? There are numerous retailers offering the Raspberry Pi for sale. It’s worth shopping around as prices can vary and sometimes there are discounts available due to seasonal offers.

The sites listed here all sell Raspberry Pis as well as a range of accessories such as power supplies, SD cards, USB hubs, keyboards and mice.

Official Distributors

Premier Farnell
Premier Farnell
CPC (UK, part of Premier Farnell)
RS Components
RS Components
MCM Electronics
MCM Electronics


Various models of the Raspberry Pi and accessories are available from Amazon.


There are a number of resellers that sell the Pi and a range of accessories :

United Kingdom
RS Components CPCThe PiHut Pimoroni ModMyPi PiSupply
United States
Allied Electronics Newark Element 14 Chicago Adafruit Canakit Micro Center
Sertronics Pimoroni (Germany) RS Components Funk24 Reichelt Pi3g Welectron

Hopefully this information will help you buy a Raspberry Pi and find all the accessories you need for your next project.

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